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Whenever I start a project, I can never quite decide what direction I want to go and will end up changing directions multiple times until I either give up or find the result acceptable. It means nothing is ever finished, and it’s happening again. I decided I don’t like using Hugo for my site and want to build it from scratch. I read Jes Olson’s post my website is one binary and realized that is the approach for me. Read more...

Diving Into the Indieweb

The web used to be fun. I remember spending countless hours on internet forums, interacting with the various homegrown cultures and communities cultivated there. My favorite part of the “old web” was that you didn’t have to log on every day in order to keep up. All the forum threads and blog posts would still be there, easily accessible in reverse-chronological order, for you to catch up on at your convenience. Read more...

Hello Indieweb

Hello, this isn’t my first foray into blogging, but it is my first foray into the IndieWeb movement. For this website I am using Hugo served on Apache. My interests are programming, trading card games, and toy robots, so the subjects posted here will be some combination of those. TODO: Set up IndieWeb protocols Set up automated publishing when I git push Randomized site subtitle
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Austen Stewart / adstew / Software developer. I like games and toy robots. Currently obsessed with #fabtcg me