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Whenever I start a project, I can never quite decide what direction I want to go and will end up changing directions multiple times until I either give up or find the result acceptable. It means nothing is ever finished, and it’s happening again. I decided I don’t like using Hugo for my site and want to build it from scratch. I read Jes Olson’s post my website is one binary and realized that is the approach for me.

I like Hugo for blog posts, but I want this website to be more than just a blog. So much of the internet is set up to be viewed chronologically, and I think it would be good to break away from that. I still want to blog, but there is other content I want to post that isn’t necessarily well-suited for a blog format. Another point of contention I have with Hugo is notes. I want to post shortform thoughts and have them published to Twitter/Mastodon, and Hugo makes that very clunky.

So I am rebuilding my website, weeks after I set it up in the first place. I’m using this as an opportunity to brush up on my Golang and general web development skills. I’m excited, this should be fun (until it isn’t).

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